20 May 2012

Life is too short!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot...
I spent my time just thinking...thinking....& thinking
But too many things running inside my mind
And it looks like something went wrong, yet I can't determined what is it....

So i made up my mind to seek for an answers.....
Alhamdulillah ALLAH opened the doors for me & now I realized what I was missing....
Thank you ALLAH for all the things that you've done
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong

Now I realize that the key to happiness is forgiveness ...
Life is really too short to hold grudges against each other.
We must forgive otherwise Allah will not forgive us.
So, forgive and forget then move forward in your life....

Being a better person is a process. No matter how good someone is, it can't be done overnight.
So the important thing is that I grow every day.
Make growing a habit and I will see significant progress when I look back.
That's what I am going to do!
I’m lucky that now I've met a lot of positive people that encourage me to grow.
They act as a source of energy and inspiration for me.

I should make room for growth in my mind.
Believe in myself that I can grow & can make the changes that I want.
I won’t limit myself again and aim to be the best that I can be.
But I won't expect too much, cause I might get disappointed and discouraged.
It takes time to grow...& the most important thing is not to repeat the mistakes that I have made!

I must bear in mind that past is a history, present is what I have & future is what I am unsure of
So, just forget the past, live for the present & hope for the future!


Oh Allah, please forgive me for all of the bad that I've done.
You are so Merciful and kind, please forgive me, and help me stay away from all that's wrong.
It's so hard for me, and I'm so weak but You are the Strong.
Please increase me in sincerity.
Oh Allah, make it easy for me to accept all that You have decreed for me, and please make it easy for me to turn to You during trials and difficulties.
Let these difficult moments of my life make me a stronger Muslim and more sincere to You.

Iman Is With Those Who Seek It...I LOVE ALLAH!