30 November 2013

Walimatulurus Pertama

Hello peeps! It's been a while I'm not updating my blog (budget mcm ramai sgtla org tgg u update ur blog kan?? haha)
Lately sangat busy..of course with works...& my bro's wedding
Alhamdulillah on 23rd Nov 2013 around 10am++ my bro officially become a husband to my beloved sis in law~
The akad ceremony was held at Masjid Al-Imam Al Ghazali, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong
The reception was held also at the same place..kat dewan situ jgk hoho
Rombongan from our family bertolak dgn 4 buah kereta from my sis house at Shah Alam, while others relatives came from various places
Plan awal nk bertolak around biasala...harusla terlewat beberapa jam kan keke >__<
Da la masing2 tido lewat cuz nk siapkan balance hantaran yg masih berselerak mwahahaaa
Applauded for our hard work!!

Majlis bermula dengan a simple engagement ceremony first, just tukar2 hantaran n simple as that
Afterwards bru majlis akad bermula...bp x akad erk?? x ingat la, rs lebih sekali kot..satu sebab tok kadi tu salah sebut nama hahaha....hairil k not hairul...pastu boleh plak tok kadi sebut najihah binti hanim..abes tu nama ayahnya nak letak mana?? tok kadi plak yg gabra apehal??? mcm comel je..macam sweet je tok kadi tu :p

If pandang dr sudut +ve..maybe tok kadi tu nk loose up my bro py gabra la kot..manala tau kan...husnuzon la gtu..~
At that time entah nape...all mixed up feelings suddenly burst out...tatau nak describe..padahal yg kawin tu abg kot..n the bride org lain kot
Maybe sebab he's the only brother we have kot..n this is our first time having a wedding ceremony...kot la kan...
Nampak my mum mcm lost je..maybe dier pun sebak kot..finally his son is getting married yabedabeduuuuu!
My mum da lama voice out her longing to have a bro, work hard on it k :p

My sis in law is an english teacher..Oh, My English! After this kite speaking london k (budget macam teror sgtla kunun), mmg my bro prefer cikgu pun...wonder why??
Xpela da jodoh mereka hehe
Kecik n kurus je, I'm seriously feeling threaten owk..trus lompat bintang laju2
Family dier pun owk sgt, low profile..down to earth....mesra cam tagline bob af2 tu~

For engagement we olls bg 3 hantaran berbalas 3. 2 hantaran my older sis yg decorated..creative gak dier erk..yg 1 lg I la yg deco, mcm ntah pe2 je..sentuhan org x creative mcm tu la hasilnya hahaha
For wedding we olls bg 9 hantaran berbalas 9...ikut belah kelantan katenya..ntah xtau, ikutkan je kata org tua :p
Wedding punya hantaran mostly my younger sister ainismara yang buat..but last minute my older sis altered here n there, time dier rajin bolehla suruh kot kuang3
Surprised it works la plak kan...

Jom layan pict plak...hantaran with mint green theme untuk wedding (actually bought 2 types of kain lapik utk alas dulang, but at the end we decided not to put it on), selain tu hantaran utk engagement. Quite simple isn't it? Jdla 4 the first timer :)

Dulang hantaran utk cheque tu I yg deco, but the frame itself my younger sis yg deco

Pulut kuning neh hasil tangan mek yah, kakak my mum

The rest of hantaran (abaikan background yg b'sepah2 tu, x smpt nk kemas dowh, tdo pun bp jam je....yg kosong tu dulang tuk pulut kuning dalam pict atas tu tau, import dr rumah sepupu cuz my mum & her relatives tanak pulut tu kat sana). Yang dalam bekas bertangkai, hantaran utk engagement.

Yg ni hasil sabotage I laut jadinya haha

Both are hasil seni my older sis..not bad la kan :p

So, these are from my sis in law's pink!! My fave color >__<
My favorite is this ones..simply because the pink color really captured my eyes hooyeahh~

Singgahsana cinta my bro & my sis in it!

Close up skit

Tq for your warm greetings & we did enjoy the food served..yummylicious!

Actually byk lagi pict nk upload, tp line connection is very poor la..berjanggut nk tunggu uploading..nk resize tak rajin lagi..nanti2la kot. Perut pun da berkpop...Owkla, will continue to update reception on our side plak later on k!

To yang diraikan~
Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma (God bless you both and bless you both)
Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair (And get the best collection)
Barakallah hu lakuma wa baraka alikuma (God bless you both and bless you both) 
Wa jamaah baina kuma fii khair (And get the best collection)

20 November 2013


Lots of things had happened lately...or perhaps should I say right from the start??
All this time I just sit back and watch everything goes as it is
But I guess my patience has reach it's limit as I can't just lay back any more
It's getting out of control and thing has to change!
The more you let it be..the more its hurting you.
And for that, someone should learn a lesson!
From now on I'm not going to keep it in as I'm going to throw all my tantrums
They will no longer getting my respect because they're not even worth it!

Being mistreated...huh, I'm not an easy person to begin with.
But due of respect I tried to tolerate and it seems like they take it for granted!
What's the point of going to work if all you did were chatting, facebook, gaming, watching videos, busy with your gadget like others don't have it....& also in a group of late employees??
Yeah, you also can come up with thousand of excuses for being late every day as you want
Is that your definitions of WORKING?? Yet, at the end of the month you still being paid??
Wow!! It's amazing isn't it?? Just watching others putting all their efforts while you just bitting your fingernails & act like you're too smart...damn!

Yes, I'm unsatisfied with you!
You know nothing because you're not even trying to do anything
You know nothing because you're thinking that you're too damn good!
You know nothing because you're being pampered all this time
You know nothing because there are others that will take care of everything isn't it??
You know nothing because you're too lazy to begin with
You know nothing because.....should I say you are STUPID?? It's harsh isn't it??
Life itself is a learning process..then, what's the reason of you staying alive???
I'm praying so hard that one day you will stumble really hard and realize that the sky is higher & not always blue & you'll be facing your hardest time sooner or later!

Darkness in the heart brings sadness.
Darkness in the heart brings depression.
Darkness in the heart brings stress
But light and Nur brings happiness
Light and Nur brings comfort
Light and Nur brings calmness and tranquillity

I want to be in the pink of health so that I can work the best as I can!
But maybe, its not with you!

I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant and kindness from the unkind. There's a powerful lesson I learn when someone is unkind. I'm being wounded with the feeling to fight back!

Am I being stingy with my forgiveness?? The answer is...YES!
What can I do now to make things right with myself or between me and another?? The answer is....MOVE ON!

17 November 2013

Pretty Boy

Next on my list will be another drama from Jang Geun Seuk! He makes a comeback on small screen. Yippie!!
I'm curious about how this drama will turn out because nothing's new in the plot.I'll give it a try hopping that it will surprise me...
Hope to be my favourite drama too after "You're Beautiful" because I'm not really into "Marry Stayed Out All Night" neither "Beethoven Virus" keke~
Why?? Simple, I don't really like the heroine.. No offense owk! We have different kinds of liking, don't you??
I even tried to watch "Love Rain" but the drama is too slow for me..sorry~
"Pretty Boy" or "Pretty Man" will takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Secret Love" starting this November 20, 2013
This drama is based on comic book series "Yebbeun Namja" by Chon Kye-Young (first published November 27, 2009 by Seoul Media Group)

Synopsis :
Dokgo Ma-Te (Jang Geun-Suk) is the most beautiful man in the world.
He is also an ambitious man and wants to make a lot money using his beautiful appearance.
Dokgo Ma-Te meets Hong Yoo-Ra, the ex-daughter-in-law of a rich family.
Hong Yoo-Ra recognizes Dokgo Ma-Te's ambitions and becomes his mentor.
Hong Yoo-Ra then gives Dokgo Ma-Te a mission to seduce 10 different women.
The women have all succeeded in different fields and Dokgo Ma-Te is to glean their special abilities.
A strange woman then appears in front of Dokgo Ma-Te. Her name is Kim Bo-Tong, an ordinary girl from poor background.
She has a huge crush on Dokgo Ma-Te.
Can she make Dokgo Ma-Te love her?

Cast :

Jang Geun-Suk as Dokgo Ma-Te

IU as Kim Bo-Tong

Lee Jang-Woo as David Choi

 Han Chae-Young as Hong Yoo-Ra

I really think Geun Seuk suits this role the best.
With his face, his facial expression and his acting skills..I think he's just daebak haha~
Yah, can't wait to watch this drama. Next week palli juseyo!!!

15 November 2013

Secret Love

Yet another korean drama that has just wrapped up last night. Ending? Go and watch by yourself la haha.
Actually I'm not really into any of the actors/actresses in this drama..but due to it's high rating I forced myself to watch and evaluate it myself why it's rating is higher than "The Heirs".
It turned out to be that even though none of the casts is my fave, I really think that this drama has a very nice storyline instead of being cliche or all about having romance among teenagers like others.
Normally I only watch those dramas that's not so heavy or too dramatic with full of emotions and tears (because I might ended crying as well and I don't like it! It's weird right??)...or full of actions. I'm too fussy I guess~
But there's some exceptions like that drama has my favorite actor/actress keke. I will still watching it despite the not so good storyline, but I do skipped a lot! What's the point?? I also don't know :p

Synopsis :
Everyone has their own secrets. Secrets can help people succeed and even fall in love; but secrets can also destroy people.
Secrets can sometimes make us happy, worried, or even blind us to reality. This drama is about secrets.
It is an exploration into the trials and tribulations of people who live with secrets.
These secrets drive the four characters desire to find love and exact revenge.

This melodrama is about a “fatal romance” between a man who loses his girlfriend in an accident, and falls in love with the woman responsible for her death.
Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) was born into a wealthy family. He has everything including good looks, intelligence, but he doesn’t have kindness.
He loses his girlfriend in a hit-and-run accident.
Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min Hyuk’s girlfriend.
Her boyfriend, Ahn Do Hoon (Bae Soo Bin) is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo Jung took the blame.
She is then betrayed by her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Shin Se Yeon (Lee Da Hee) is the one with an unrequited love.
She’s described as “thirsty for love,” and she’ll be a character in pain because she can’t have the one person she wants.

Not sound interesting right? But, you should try to watch it first! Then only you decide.

"Save the Last Dance For Me" is the first drama by Ji Sung that I had watched, but that only because one of my room mate really like that drama.
Other than that is "Protect the Boss" which I don't really watch even though my favorite actor, Jaejoong acted in it.
Why?? Because I don't really like the heroine haha..not offense owk!
That's why I said I'm a bit choosy lalalaaaa...

14 November 2013

Jodoh Pasti Bertemu

Andai engkau tahu betapa ku mencinta
Selalu menjadikanmu isi dalam doaku
Ku tahu tak mudah menjadi yang kau pinta
Ku pasrahkan hatiku, takdir kan menjawabnya

Jika aku bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu

Andai engkau tahu betapa ku mencinta
Selalu menjadikanmu isi dalam doaku
Ku tahu tak mudah menjadi yang kau pinta
Ku pasrahkan hatiku, takdir kan menjawabnya

Jika aku bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu

Jika aku (jika aku) bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu

(jika aku bukan jalanmu)
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu

[By : Afgan Syah Reza]

Out of nowhere tetiba je I stumbled into this lyric~


13 November 2013


> One who is in need of or groggy from sleep
Groggy?? Dazed, weak, or unsteady, esp. from illness, intoxication, sleep, or a blow.

> A sleepy or lazy person
Sleepy? Peliksla..kadang2 tidur cukup pun mengantuk, terlebih tidur pun mengantuk, x cukup tidur memang wajib sangatla mengantuk kan??
Kadang2 tengah type coding boleh tertidur (banyak benor nk kena pk)..tengah drive pun boleh tertidur (ok, ni tipu! terlelap je kot)

> Someone that sleeps a lot or is tired all the time
Sleep a lot? Xla sangat...bukan nak menafi, tp itu kenyataan..k la, have to admit, macam kerap je kot. Depends pada keadaan, klu penat sangat ke..stress ke..or kadang2 sebab bosan kot!
Tired all the time? Lagila tak kan...sebab buat kerja penat, tak buat kerja or apa2 pun penat jgk, aits..achaner tu??

I’m just too tired... Zzzzz.......

Well, I guess I'm one of sleepyhead type of person.
So, don't expect to talk to me late at night, I like to go to bed around ten or maybe earlier than that.
Most of the time if you are talking to me I fall asleep in a blink of eyes.
Even though I fall asleep a lot..I'm actually simply amazing k (Yeah, right la sangat!).
So, if you are lucky enough to have a sleepy head in your life, don't lose them.
Because they are loyal, a great listener, and will do whatever it takes have to make you happy.
Well, that depends on how you treat others also ya!
Don't aspect everybody to treat you nicely when you don't even do the same thing. Got what I mean??
I wish I had a sleepyhead as a friend.

So, from now on I want to be a morning person (tp selama neh...xdela bangun lambat sangat kot..except hari2 berkecuali.)..which may actually be good for my health.
Because people who stay under the covers on the weekdays/weekend until 9 am are more likely to be stressed, overweight, and depressed than those who get up at 7 am or sooner.
Stress?? Overweight?? Depressed?? Owh no!
According to self-reports from college students, those who wake up earlier feel more optimistic and proactive than those who rise later. Erkss??
That’s possibly because morning risers are more likely to get to class/work on time and they’re at their “personal best” from 5 am to 12 pm.
Other studies have found morning larks tend to be harder working and conscientious than night owls.
Researchers also suggest memory may improve during sleep, so getting to bed earlier in preparation for a morning alarm could help building good memories (No wonder I kept forgetting je...~)
It turns out the early bird may get more than the worm., I wanna try some ways to reset my body clock and happily greet the day:
- Get enough sleep (Selama neh bukan terlebih ke??). It may seem obvious, but getting those recommended 7 to 9 hours will make getting up earlier easier. Tip? Keep your phones, laptop and other work out of the bed to sleep soundly..(heh, mampu ke?)
- Stay consistent. Try to set the alarm clock for the same time every morning — including weekends (weekdays, tang weekend tu a bit lemah skit T_T ). A constant wakeup call may make it progressively easier to jump out of bed (haiyarkk!)
- Start slowly (better than never la kan). Pick a new wakeup time and gradually work towards it. Want to wake up at 6 am but stuck at 7 am? (here goes Subuh gajah huhu) Start by setting the clock for 6:45 am, and move down in 15-minute increments until that new time goal is reached (Normally set clock at 6 am, 6:15 am, 6:30 am..but ends up woke up a few minutes before 7 am...Ottoke??)
- Skip the snooze. Disrupting sleep an hour or so before actually getting out of bed may disturb our REM cycle, which helps stimulate brain regions linked to cognition. Don’t want to mess with that (or bug a roommate with multiple alarms! ni xde!). Set one alarm for when it’s time to rise — and maybe another a few minutes later in case you snooze through! (Snooze tu mmg habit!!)
- Set some happy sounds (Owk..have to change to korean song kot). Skip the beeps and blares and set an alarm tone to something soothing or fun.
- Let in the light (Tido while lampu turn on kire x??). Research shows a little light may be all we need to reset the body block. A simple solution is to keep the blinds open during the night (This one cannot wooo..I jenis penakut lor). Or greet the day and brush your teeth outside! (K, nanti nk renovate rumah letak sinki ngadap laman haha)
- Eat breakfast. (Yang ni always skipped...ikut mood) Sleepiness doesn’t disappear just from drinking a cup of coffee. (Mmg x minum coffee or anything related to caffein pun! So,
sleepiness memang xkan hilang la kot hoho) Having enough breakfast will also provide energy, not to mention it’ll boost that brainpower, too (Padanla badan macam lemah jew...ingatan macam tak kuat jew..)
- Hit the gym (Yang ni memang serious x mampu ok!). Those tired eyes may go away once a morning workout routine is in order. (Tp mata mmg tired type..xkan nk buat plastic surgery? Andwae!!) Exercise will definitely boost energy — give these early-bird exercises a try! (Exercise atas katil je selama neh..kuak lentang, gaya bebas, it :p ..)
- Treat yourself (Hoho...lists mmg da ada..fulusnya je cannot go). Have a reward waiting in the a.m. to motivate climbing out of the covers (Maserati grancabrio sport haha). Dive into some freshly baked fruit and nut bars, or slide into a warm bath instead of taking a quick shower. (Tunggu beli umah de tub mandi or jakuzi hehe)

Creativity may flourish when we feel groggy, so don’t let a little drowsiness interrupt seizing the day!

"Wake up you sleepyhead!"

12 November 2013

Mutiara Kata

Aku mengamati semua sahabat & tidak menemukan sahabat yang lebih baik daripada yang menjaga lidah.
Aku memikirkan tentang semua pakaian, tetapi tidak menemukan pakaian yang lebih baik daripada takwa.
Aku merenungkan tentang segala jenis amal baik, namun tidak mendapatkan yang lebih baik daripada memberi nasihat yang baik.
Aku mencari segala bentuk rezeki, tapi tidak menemukan rezeki yang lebih baik daripada sabar.
- Khalifah Umar -

11 November 2013

I'm Okay

What's wrong with her?
What's wrong with him?
What's wrong with them?
What's wrong with everyone?
Last but not least...what's wrong with the world???

Why it's difficult to understand each others?
Is it due to egoism or lack of understanding??
Is it because every individual has his/her own mind-set or ways of looking at things?
Is it hard to accept other's thoughts?
Sometimes I didn't know what I've done wronged
If it's my fault, then I'm willing to say sorry to anyone.. but people these day's.. even, if you're genuinely say sorry they're just going to shrug you off
How long I have to act like nothing's wrong even when i'm deeply hurt?

I can't understand why human beings are so mean and horrible and they just don't care about others feelings
Well, let's just say that some are disappointed in me
I feel like there is so much anger in my heart
I feel so angry and like I just have been screaming and yelling at's like I've got that uncontrol emotions and hate to others people.. 
I'm less naive now and as I get older. I understand what's going on around me more
Have patience dear myself, this happens to me a lot and when it does, it's all because a lack of imaan and sabr. Increase your imaan dear myself

I'm trying to be a good person...and for that I must have more patience
I need to forgive myself before I can forgive others 
For understanding self before understanding others is even more important!
Receptiveness to others views is more important than to assume things and having a preset mind
Don't think that he/she never knows anything and he/she is useless
I will try to find my inner peace and happiness in my life.
I have Allah S.W.T. He is the most reliable.. He will listen to my prayer and everything will be alright.. In sha Allah...

You can’t control what others think
The only thing you can control is yourself
That’s because pointing out what’s wrong is easy
Some people will look down on you for your choices in life, no matter what they are
You can’t do anything about that
The only thing you can do is decide how to live your own life

Don’t hang onto anything too tightly. All things must change and you have to allow room for them to grow and blossom
Let things go. Release them. Detach yourself from them
Nobody plays this life with marked cards...sometimes we win and sometimes we lose
Do not expect anything in return, do not expect your efforts to be appreciated, your genius to be discovered, your love to be understood
To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did
Sometimes life knocks you down.. Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them
Keep moving forward and don’t give up okay!

"When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better"

10 November 2013


I want to die with...
My forehead on the ground,
The Sunnah in my heart,
Allah on my mind,
Qur'an on my tongue..
and tears in my eyes.

We as a humans are weak and we usually don't know what's THE BEST for us. What we think might be THE BEST for us NOW but not eternally. Allah knows what is THE BEST for us eternally for our lives, family and hereafter.

Ya Allah, tambahkanlah bagiku rezeki yang banyak lagi halal,
iman yang benar, ilmu yang bermanfaat, kesihatan yang elok,
kecerdikan yang tinggi, hati yang bersih dan kejayaan yang besar..

08 November 2013

Maal Hijrah 1435H

Salam Maal Hijrah 1435H untuk da 4 Muharam, rsnya masih belum terlambat utk memperbaharui azam tahun hijrah hehe... This year temanya "Wasatiyyah Tonggak Kesatuan Ummah" So, mari kita bersederhana dalam setiap perlakuan dan berusaha menyatukan hati2 kita..ecece...ntah pe2 u mengarut ni....Tp, nak cerita....setiap kali tibanya tahun baru islam...bait2 lirik ini akan sentiasa berputar diingatan

Satu Muharam detik permulaan
Perkiraan tahun Islam hijrah
Perpindahan Nabi dan umat Islam
Dari kota Mekah ke kota Madinah

Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban harta dan nyawa
Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta

Hijrah itu pengorbanan
Hijrah itu perjuangan
Hijrah itu persaudaraan
Hijrah membentuk perpaduan

Ulang Chorus
Oleh itu mari semua
Kita sambut maal hijrah
Tingkatkan semangat tegakkan syiar Islam
Untuk sepanjang zaman

Satu Muharam detik permulaan
Perkiraan tahun Islam hijrah
Perpindahan Nabi dan umat Islam
Dari kota Mekah ke kota Madinah

Atas keyakinan dan iman yang teguh
Kaum Muhajirin dan Ansar bersatu
Rela berkorban harta dan nyawa
Demi menegakkan Islam tercinta

Ulang Chorus 2X

Oleh itu mari semua
Kita sambut maal hijrah
Tingkatkan semangat tegakkan syiar Islam
Untuk sepanjang zaman
Untuk sepanjang zaman

Waaaa....tetiba mode sedey sebab teringat zaman persekolahan dulu..Tiap2 tahun akan nyanyi lagu ni kat assembly..sbb pengawas sekolah harus barisan asing2 huhu..rasa sgt berkobar2 setiap kali nyanyi lagu neh tetap membara..wpun pitching masing2 ke, no worries sbb tiada siapa yang akan tersingkir kui3..tetibe...

Azam tahun hijrah kali long list dier..hurm...need to put priorities first. Xle share selagi x accomplished salah satunya nk rajin update blog..kengkonon la..sebab? Kurang komunikasi secara lisan, semua duk asyik ketuk keyboard masing2 jeww...~ Tp, type entry pun kira x berkomunikasi secara lisan jgk ape?? Hurm...kla, senang cter takut vocab makin berkurang sebab jarang digunakan..... kang x pasal2 berkomunikasi guna programming languages...masak2....ha, nampak x permainannya di situ??! Owkla, stop mencece...wish me & all of u all the best ahead! Till fingers meet keyboard again...nk sambung kira ngan jari kaki plak azam tahun baru neh kuang3.... T_T

07 November 2013

The Heirs / The Inheritors

Yet another korean drama that I'm currently following right now is The Heirs / The Inheritors. Why I'm watching this drama? Simply because at first Yonghwa was supposed to be in it. But due to some reasons his agency and the production company hadn't been able to arrive at an agreement on his character, so he withdraw from this drama. Still, I'm happy for it...Why?? Because he was not teaming up with Park Shin Hye again hahahaaHe has been acting with Shin Hye in You're Beautiful and Heartstrings..I think that more than enough and I want to see him pairing with another actresses. (It's not that I hate Shin Hye...she's cute, beautiful and talented). I'm glad that he decided to star in Marry Him If You Dare along with Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun. So I'm watching Marry Him If You Dare on Mon-Tue night and The Heirs / The Inheritors on Wed-Thu night keke~ . I have watched up to episode 9 and tonight is episode 10 from 20 episodes.

Here goes the synopsis of this drama.
"The Heirs" depicts the friendships, rivalries and love lives of young, rich heirs led by Kim Tan (Lee Min-Ho) and a girl named Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye). Unlike the others, Cha Eun-Sang is considered ordinary and comes from a poor background.
18-year-old Cha Eun-Sang lives with her mother who is mute. Her mother works as a housekeeper and Eun-Sang also works part-time jobs to help out. One day, Eun-Sang's older sister (Yoon Jin-Seo) calls from the U.S. and informs them that she will marry. Eun-Sang's mother then asks Eun-Sang to send her older sister some money from her savings account. Eun-Sang isn't happy with her situation and decides to go to the U.S. herself to see if she can start a better life with her sister.
When Eun-Sang arrives in California she is in for a shock. Her older sister lives in a filthy home with a deadbeat boyfriend who seems violent. Her sister is also not getting married or going to school and works full-time as a waitress. When Eun-Sang finally tracks down her sister working at a beach front restaurant, she takes the money Eun-Sang brought for her wedding and leaves without even saying goodbye. Eun-Sang's dreams of starting a better life in America quickly vanishes and she crumbles to the ground in tears.
Meanwhile, Kim Tan is not your typical high school student, but a handsome and wealthy Korean heir to a large conglomeration. He is sitting out on the patio of the beach front restaurant, watching everything unfold between Eun-Sang and her sister. Kim Tan's American friend then sees a ziplock bag with a powdery substance fall out of Eun-Sang's suitcase and runs over to scoop it up. Kim Tan knows immediately that the ziplock bag doesn't contain drugs, but rather powder grain to make traditional Korean drinks. Soon, Eun-Sang runs off after Kim Tan's friend and Kim Tan goes to help Eun-Sang. When the dust is settled, Eun-Sang walks out of a police station and her passport is temporarily confiscated. With nowhere to go for Eun-Sang, Kim Tan offers to let her stay at his home. Although they seem to come from different worlds, they quickly develop a rapport for each other. But, when Kim Tan is at school, Eun-Sang meets a girl named Rachel (Kim Ji-Won). Rachel informs Eun-Sang that she is Kim Tan's fiance and she demands that Eun-Sang leaves his home immediately. Eventually, Eun-Sang returns to South Korea.

Kim Tan now feels nothing but emptiness after Eun-Sang's departure. He decides to go back to Korea even though his older stepbrother Won (Choi Jin-Hyuk) strongly opposes his return. When Kim Tan gets back to his luxurious mansion like home, he sees someone briefly that resembles Eun-Sang. Kim Tan goes to his mother Ki-Ae (Kim Sung-Ryoung) and asks about the unfamiliar, but familiar girl that he briefly saw. His mother tells him that the girl is their housekeeper's daughter and her name is Cha Eun-Sang. She's also staying in their home. 

Here are some of the casts of this drama.
Lee Minho as Kim Tan

Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun-Sang

Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do

Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won

Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan-Young

Krystal as Lee Bo-Na

Although Yonghwa was not in this drama. I'm still watching it because...I like Lee Minho too and of course there's Kang Min Hyuk, the drummer of CN Blue haha... I think this drama has a few similarities with Boys Over Flowers where it's all about a bunch of high school rich kids, the hero fall in love with the heroin which comes from a poor family, poor girl gets scholarship to prestigious high school and dealing with the ruling boys..and others. But, no matter what...I've started to enjoy this drama a bit more after letting go the coincidences and of course because of the casts too~ I do think that this drama already has a big happy fanbase because it's a star studded drama, despite not having very high rating...I still enjoying it! I don't know why I'm rooting for Bo Na and Chan Young's couple more...maybe because they are just so damn cute, but they have so little parts T_T

Anyway, let's just enjoy this drama peeps...although the ending is kinda predictable hoho! Now, you can watching this drama on ASTRO ONE HD too keke >__<

05 November 2013

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....

Owk yang ni xde kena-mengena ngan video syasya awek legoland or others parodies
Klu ada berkenaan sipi je..tang tajuk haha
Actually, best friend bru pas delivered baby girl..Sakinatul Imani nama diberi yang bermaksud 'ketenangan imanku'.

Apa kena-mengena plak ngan baby?
Orang bersalin harusla melawat friend plak
Tp............asal weekend je balik kg, asal balik kg je weekend...achaner?
Owk xpe..mari kite pk ape nk beli tuk baby...

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....Angela plush dolls ni...penangan tengok anak patung Medina anak Irine Marcello hehe. Nak beli ar tuk diri sendiri..boley?? keke >__<

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....doll ni...

Tp, acik x sker ar dolls cenggini or sewaktu dengannya..jadi mari kite cari yg lain...

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....earmuffs ni...sebab?? Terpengaruh dengan baby2 korea n omputihla la :p

Tp, agak2la kot..kite kat Malaysia ni cik....

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....botol susu ni...

Tp mana plak nak cari yang macam neh erk.....

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....headband ni...

it's pink!!



Macam cantik je...Macam comel ke nama benda alah ni...

Tapi kesian kot if bagi pakai menda neh..berjujuran plak peluh mengalir ngan iklim negara kita neh...jd, lupakan saje...

Macam cantik je...Macam comel je.....pororo & friends ni... Ni semua penangan Haroro (Running Man) la....ish... Bg  soft toy owk jgk, x sker jgk menda2 berbulu neh... Ni nk bg hadiah kat sape sebenarnya??? Semua nk ikut taste diri sendiri hahaha....

Tak pun bagi bag ni la....boleh Imani bawa g school kan?? Lama lagila plak masa tu..............

Macam pening je...Macam migraine je.....Apa nk beli neh???
. ni je la...

Kan senang...abes cerita. Xya pening2.....Nanti Imani suruh ummi deposit dalam tabung haji ye (^_^)v

Can't wait to meet this cutie pie...tgg acik datang ye Imani!!!