30 November 2010

You're Beautiful

Finally this big hit series which is known as Minami Shineyo / You're a Handsome Man / You're Minam / He's Beautiful...but most known it as You're Beautiful is gonna be shown at 8TV starting 12th December 2010, 8:30pm every weekdays....Actually, I've already watched this series about a year ago...and it's a must watch drama, esp to those who like Yonghwa & Hongki (only mentioned this two cuz they are the reason y I watched this series keke).

Synopsis :
Go Mi Nyu is a sister-in-training. Her twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions for the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the United States to correct a botched plastic surgery. Mi Nyu is approached by Mi Nam's manager to pose as Mi Nam while he recovers. She is against it at first but agrees in order to fulfill her dream of finding their mother. Now, posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members: Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy. Tae Kyung and Mi Nam have a rough start as band members. In the very first episode, Kang Shin Woo discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, but he keeps quiet because he is curious about what might happen. He discreetly helps her keep the secret and nobody realizes that he knows her true gender. Soon after that, due to an incident, Tae Kyung also discovers that Mi Nam is a girl, and confronts her about it. He actively takes on the responsibility of protecting her real identity from others (partly due to Mi Nam's manager begging him), which brings him and Mi Nam closer together. Slowly all the band members - Shin Woo, Tae Kyung and Jeremy - fall in love with Mi Nam(although Jeremy tries hard to deny it because he thinks Mi Nam is a guy). Eventually, Mi Nam admits her gender to the entire band, and they all help keep her identity secret until her brother arrives from the USA. The series ends when Mi Nam, as her real girl self, finally gets together with Tae Kyung.

Owk, I'm gonna skipped 'bout Jang Geun Seuk & Park Shin Hye cuz I'm not really into these two keke~
First, I'm gonna start with Lee Hongki (Lead Vocalist FT Island) as Jeremy.

Jaejin (Bassist), Seung Hyun (Guitarist), Minhwan (Drummer), Hongki, Jonghyun (Leader, Guitarist, Pianist & Vocal)
Antara lagu hits :- Lovesick, Thunder, Until You Come Back, After Love, Nappeun Yeojaya (Bad Woman), Missing You, I Hope, Love Love Love and many more.

Actually da lama minat this cute lil' his style of singing...he really put all his emotion into every song that he sang~ Despite his cute look....he is a very good actor. He has been acting since he was a lil' kid.
He really plays a big role to make this drama more alive, cuz he's such a mood maker with his adorable face & different hairstyle! Hongki's hairstyle alone has stirred numerous pages of discussions from online fan. People already know Hongki is already cute. However, there are times when I see his new hairstyle and I'd go 'What did they do to U, Jeremy?? But his adorableness made me ignored some of the hairstyle. 

Prince Charming

The most normal ones

Aunt Meeja' Go Bek..Snail?

Chawan Rice Bowl

The Street Fighter

Blown Howard Sten



So, I prefer the normal ones...boyish & ponytail for him~
Next, is Jung Yonghwa (Vocalist, Rapper, Guitarist & Leader of CN Blue) as Kang Shin Woo.

I don't really like his hairstyle in this drama...cuz I prefer his nowadays style. Besides, they put on too much make up on him~
What can I say about him??? Umph, pretty pathetic role he got ~ 
Why?? Not because he is a bad actor...but the role itself...made him looked really pathetic loser (T_T)
Pretty sad for him, cuz no matter how hard he tried n whatsoever he had done...he won't be 2gether with Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye)~
He deserved someone better than her...glad that now he have Hyun buin keke~ Sweet potato couple....

So, Yong seobang (aka Yong choding)... it's owk even Mi Nam is with Tae Kyung hahaha...

He made his acting debut through this drama.
Before this he & his band CN Blue went to Japan to study and survived as an indie band n now they are a very popular band there.
They made a debut in Korea early this year a made a huge success. They are very talented n even composed  almost all their songs themselves, which turned out to be very big hit in KPop music stream~
Antara lagu hits :- I'm a Loner, Love, Love Light, Sweet Holiday, Tattoo, Black Flower, One Time, Just Please, Y Why....and many more..but the latest one's I Don't Know Why.

Jungshin (Bassist), Jonghyun (Guitarist & Vocal), Yonghwa n Minhyuk (Drummer)

So, berbalik pada drama's a must watch series...even though we already know how it is supposed to ended....
Hero with heroin....2nd hero frustrated...hero & heroin asyik gaduh jer..buat heroin menangis...2nd hero always be the one to cheer her up..but, he's the one that only suffer at the same time....
Tp, pelakon2 dier best la...ada time gelak sakan...n ada time sedey gler...especially time Jeremy buat confession kat Mi Nam dalam bus & nangis sambil nyanyi lagu I'm a fooled...~
Umph, yg tak bestnyer...bla da tayang kat cni...of course la dialih bahasa kan.....tak dpt la dgr sore serak2 manja Jeremy (suke dier sebut Jolie~) & suara2 garau n macho Shin Woo & Tae Kyung....
Lagi satu....of course la akan byk scene yg kena cut hahahaaa....
So, klu nk lg besh....belila yg original or...tgk jer on9 hahahaa (^^,)v
Tp....skunk me tgh ikut cter Sungkyunkwan Scandal kat KBS World..Menarik gak cter dier..lebey kurang sama ngan cter You're Beautiful gak...which the heroin menyamar jd lelaki jgk~

Overlap la plak timing dier...umph....By right, this series should be ended at that, takde masalahla~

 I'm a Yongseo Shipper~ 

28 November 2010

Lepas geram....grrrr~

Owk, arini me nk story skit pasal salah sebuah bb service provider neh.
Bulan sa-wol tahun dpn genap seht years (sakit ati nk mentioned the exact years) me subscribe service ngan... should me just put it as BABO!
From the very first day me subscribed their services...very da slow la dier py action tuk activekan my line...grrrr
Have to wait more than a week for my line to be activated!
What make things even worse, only after more than 3-4 months, bru I got my first bill statement!
So, my monthly statement...was not accurate at all la kan...
Can u imagine, bulan September bru dpt bill bulan April???
Da tuh, contained only bill for that month...da tau menda tu deme lambat kuarkan statement due of some ridiculous silly reasons (from my POV!) WTH!
What kind of services that they actually provide???
Pehtu, bleh plak tanpa segan-silu call my number and ask me to settle all my payment from bulan 4-9!
Wah2....time nk provide services....slow cam siput sedut!
Tp bila time payment...kalah 4G services dier py advanced!
Tp, ada me kisah?? So, me pun hentam abes-abesan la kan org yg call me tuh...padan muker dier!
Well, customer is always right kan! So, amek ko!
Cam2 la alasan dier bg, tp ada me kesah??? Tu masalah korunk la...da taw nk provide services...polished kaw2 la dlu skills tu!!
Ni men hentam duit nak!
Dier speaking baek py ngan me, then me balas lg baek la py tuk dier > High class English language, ingat kite neh low class sgt kew???
Beserla org tgh marah kan, laju jer la ayat2 tu kuar...Nasib dier la kan!
Puas ati hentam dier, bleh dier selambar jer ckp..'So, when can u settle all ur outstanding balance??' balas balik la....'When I feel like I wanna paid!' keke...padan muker ko!
Bleh dier balas, 'Can U settled it by today?? Since I'm going to update Ur account afterwards.'
Then I asked him to email me the latest bill statement contain all those outstanding payment (which is totally their fault!) la kan
'I will decide later whether to pay right away...or maybe a couple of months later!' Tuuuuuuuuut.....I disconnected the phone call! Hahahaaa~
Right away he sent me an email attached with the bill statement...
Bla me da settled kan sume payment.....a few months later...menda tu jadi balik!
Not updated bills masih dihantar to me every months!
So, me sentiasa akan cuba fully utilised penggunaannya 24/7 klu bleh!
& byr bla me rasa nk bayar..normally at the very last day until me got their reminder keke~
Tp, masalahnya once balik service coverage!!!!BABO betoila!!!Sakitnyer jiwa.....
Now, mesT terty2kan napew me tak terminate jer my subscribtion ngan deme tu kan???
E2la pasal...babo gak ker me neh actually???
My answer would be.....MALAS!
MALAS nk daftar baru...MALAS nk isi form....pendek cter MALAS nk dgr kata2 manis spt mereka itu lagi (T_T)
But, one thing for sure...b4 next year..I'm going to terminate their services!!
Konon nk provide mobilities la kat, cam2 probs la plak yg comes in package!
Moral of the story is...don't be a dumb user cuz the power is in your hands!!!
And to those that provide services to public.....jgnla ikut sesedap buku lali korunk jew~ Ktorg bayar taw!

26 November 2010


Yesterday me n my colleague g melawat bb bru salah seorg officer kiteorg....
G ngan 2 biji kete, ngan semuanyer ayu berbaju kurung keke..rasa cam ikut serta rombongan meminang pun ada haha~
Selama neh g melawat mana2 friends yg bru bersalin, bb dierorg sume a bit bigger than this lil' ones....
So, cam tak caya pun ada....terlalu angkat bantal peluk bb jer....
Kepala dier kecik sebesar tapak tangan jer....gemuruh gak nk angkat, but since she's soo lil' n ringan plus keteringinan yg teramat sgt nk pegang (penyakit pantang nmpk bb tetibe menyerang) so, me grabbed gak la bb neh...
Tgkla dier, kecik sgt.....tak sepadan ngan tummy mummy dier masa still pregnant lagi...

Tp, sepanjang sesi melawat kiteorg, bb neh tito jew....puas kiteorg try dier peduli apa kan keke~ nama pun bb, kejenyer tito jer la kan...bgn pun bla lapar~ Cam seronok jer bunyinyer...tito+makan! Takyah tension2 cam org besar (T_T)
Bla tgk bb, mmg selalu takjub....begitu besarnya kekuasaan ALLAH S.W.T kan....
Even bb neh anak org len, tp bla tgk bb....automatic perasaan sayang mengetuk pintu hati...
they are so adorable....then terdetik could some people tergamak buang bb sana sampah! Abortion.... Bunuh.....eeee...! Bukannya anak org lain pun, anak sendri tu (T_T)
Klu taknak, why did it at the first place?? Sanggup mereka bermain ngan nyawa org kan??
Anak tu kan kurniaan ALLAH S.W.T, berapa ramai org kat luar sana berusaha pelbagai cara utk mendapatkan anak sendri....berhabis masa, berhabis wang ringgit...but, they never give up!
Klu mmg da taknak sgt or tak sanggup bela sendiri.....berilah kepada mereka yg sanggup...Siapa kita untuk menentukan hidup n matinya pemberian ALLAH S.W.T!
Sampai hati mereka kan?? Eh tidak, people like than cannot be considered as human being! Mereka maybe boleh lari hukuman yg pasti mereka takkan dapat lari dpd hukuman ALLAH S.W.T, itu yg pasti!
So, berbalik pada cerita bb neh (which blum decide lagi nk beri nama per by her parents)...see how cute this lil' gurl is~  

Setelah hampir tamat waktu rehat kiteorg n da puas hug n kisses this lil''s time to off~
But luckily, b4 we all neh adala buka kejap2 mata dier...mgkn as a message to us that dier rasa terharu ngan kedatangan kiteorg keke...
Hopefully this lil' gurl akan membesar menjadi seorg muslimah yg berjaya di dunia & di akhirat nanti!
Annyonghi kyeseyo our lil' bb gurl (^^,)v

25 November 2010

Sebab Mata Lelaki Gemar Lihat Badan Wanita (Kaum Hawa Sila Ambil Perhatian...)

Malam pasangannya siang, Jaga pasangannya tidur, Rajin pasangannya malas, Dan lelaki pasangannya perempuan.

Kerana perempuan adalah pasangan kepada lelaki, maka Allah telah menciptakan bentuk badan wanita itu dapat memikat hati lelaki.

Bila berkata tentang terpikat, maka ia ada hubung kait dengan nafsu. Jika ia ada hubungkait dengan nafsu, ianya ada hubungan pula dengan bisikan syaitan.

Jadi untuk mengawal nafsu, mestilah dikawal dengan iman. Untuk mendapatkan iman mesti menurut perintah Allah dan RasulNya dan menjauhi laranganNya.

Pada mata lelaki, perempuan ini adalah simbol. Simbol apa, semua orang tahu. Orang lelaki mempunyai imaginasi yang nakal jika tidak dikawal dengan iman. Maka mata lelaki ini selalu menjalar apabila terlihat seorang perempuan.

Setiap bentuk badan seorang perempuan boleh dihayati oleh seorang lelaki dengan berbagai-bagai tafsiran nakal nafsu. Apabila seorang lelaki terlihat seorang perempuan, maka perkara pertama yang akan dilihatnya ialah rambut wanita berkenaan. Maka akan ditafsirlah berbagai2 cara oleh seorang lelaki akan rambut wanita berkenaan.

Oleh kerana itulah wanita wajib menutup rambutnya. Apabila rambut wanita itu telah ditutup, maka mata lelaki itu akan turun ke bawah melihat bentuk lehernya, maka wajiblah wanita itu menutup lehernya. Maka mata lelaki itu akan turun lagi melihat bentuk payu daranya, maka wanita itu berkewajipanlah menutup bentuk payu daranya dengan melabuhkan tudungnya.

Setelah itu mata lelaki akan turun lagi melihat bentuk ramping pinggangnya, maka labuhkanlah pakaian supaya tidak ternampak bentuk pinggangnya, maka mata lelaki itu akan melihat pula akan bentuk punggungnya,maka wajiblah wanita itu membesarkan pakaiannya agar bentuk punggung tidak kelihatan, dan lelaki itu akan pula melihat bentuk pehanya, maka janganlah sesekali wanita itu memakai kain yang agak ketat sehingga terlihat bentuk pehanya walau sedikit, maka akan dilihat lagi oleh lelaki itu akan bentuk kakinya pula, maka janganlah wanita itu berseluar, kerana terus-terang pihak lelaki bercakap, walau muslimah itu bertudung labuh, berbaju labuh, jika beliau memakai seluar, walau nampak besar sedikit, nafsu kami lelaki akan terusik secara spontan, entah tak tahu.. kenapa?

Mata lelaki ini nakal, setelah tidak ternampakakan bentuk kakinya, maka akan dilihatlah pula akan mata lelaki itu kepada kakinya, maka wajiblah wanita itu untuk menolong lelaki itu tidak berdosa, menutup kakinya dengan melabuhkan kain, atau memakai stokin yg warnanya jangan sesekali berwarna kulit perempuan, maka mata lelaki ini akan kembali ke atas, akan melihat pula bentuk tangan wanita itu, maka tolonglah wahai muslimah, agar melabuhkan tudung menutupi bentuk tangannya yang indah pada pandangan lelaki.

Maka wahai lelaki, janganlah pula kamu melihat mukanya, kerana ia akan menimbulkan fitnah, kecuali jika kamu wahai lelaki, ingin meminangnya.Jika wanita itu cukup soleh, takut mukanya yang cantik akan menimbulkan fitnah, maka berpurdahlah kamu, jika itu lebih baik untuk kamu.

Tetapi mata lelaki ini ada satu lagi jenis penyakit, iaitu mat alelaki itu akan tertangkap dengan spontan jika ia terlihat warna yang menyerlah atau terang jika ianya berada pada perempuan.

Maka oleh itu wahai perempuan, tolonglah jangan memakai pakaian yang warnanya terang-terangan sangat. Jika hendak pakai pun, pakailah untuk suami. Itulah wahai muslimah, jika anda semua ingin tahu apakah dia mata lelaki itu, dan perlu diingatkan, jika semua aurat telah ditutup, jangan anggap tugas kita telah selesai, perlulah pula kita menjaga kehormatan diri masing2, jangan keluar seorang2, keluarlah dengan mahram, atau keluarlah sekurang2nya 3 wanita agar tidak diganggu gangguan luar, mata lelaki pula janganlah menjalar langsung kepada muslimah, walau muslimah itu telah menutup aurat, insyaAllah selamat dunia akhirat.

Seperti firman Allah,"Dan tundukkanlah pandanganmu dan jagalah kemaluanmu". Dunia sekarang telah banyak yang cacat celanya, sehingga ke taraf seseorang yang memakai tudung masih beliau tidak menutup aurat, dan pada kaum lelaki, mata kamu itu wajib untuk tidak mencuri2 melihat wanita muslimah, kerana ia dilarangi oleh Allah SWT.

Ingat-ingatkanlah wahai muslimin muslimat. Sekilau-kilau berlian paling menarik untuk dicuri..Seindah-indah ciptaan adalah yang paling sukar untuk dijaga…


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22 November 2010

Fly Away... & They Can't Bring Me Down!

In a moment everything can change
Feel the wind on your shoulder
For a minute all the world can wait
Let go of your yesterday

Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can't in life
and start to try 'cus it's your time, time to fly

All your worries, leave them somewhere else
Find a dream you can follow
Reach for something when there's
nothing left and the world's feeling hollow

And when you're down and feeling low,
just want to run away
Trust yourself and don't give up
You know you better than anyone else...


I'm crying inside, but filled up with pride
I won't let them see, no tears in my eyes
I'm mad at the world, it can be so unfair
The judgment, the jealousy, still I'm not scared
I'm focused, determined, I'm ready to win
The critics I see, won't doubt me again
Darkness is gone, I'm ready to shine
Right now it's victory time

It ain't over until the last round
Will they bring me down? no
If I stumble I won't hit the ground
They can't bring me down...

My hearts beating hard, my adrenaline's high
I'm raging like fire, I aim at the sky
Cus I know what I want, I'll rewrite the rules
I know my value, I'm Gods precious jewel
I've given my heart, to the dream that I chose
It's time to turn back, I simply refuse
I'm flying high, over the wall
Try and catch me,but I'll never fall!!!

04 November 2010

Ha Dul Se~

Annyeong~ molla (T_T)